Tacos Los Perrones deliciosos tacos y mulitas de asada, adobada o mixtos con sus tortillas de maíz o de harina hechas a mano o si prefiere unas papas perronas de la carne de su preferencia. Contamos también con nuestro perron bowl.

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"Stop looking for tacos, this is the spot. Packed with steak, yellow tortillas taste great. Quesadillas are seriously tasty and did I mention they are big tacos not your small tortilla tacos."

Elvis R.


"The tacos were good, I got the asada with flower and corn tortillas and I also tried the mulitas and they were 🔥 , the horchata was just right, It took a bit long in the drive thru but I prefer to wait a little bit longer for better food. I will be coming back."

Jof R.


"This is a new place !!.great quality meat !!.the tacos are big and come with beans and cheese in your asada tacos...
The quality on general even in the tortilla it's great ..
Congratulations 👏"

Jamie F.


"Tacos Los Perrones is a tasty new spot, some people may feel that they have a limited menu l however I feel that is perfectly fine as you won't get overwhelmed with choices this way. Good qualify food and lots of flavor, I really enjoyed my Queso Taco."

Sean S.


"Tacos were amazing. It's not just your every day taco spot, they add a nice mix to the sunnymead taco scene. Would recommend and will return."

Cody P.


"I love the tacos! Honestly they are delicious, big tacos with guacamole and the red salsa that's bomb. Fair price for a big delicious taco. Congrats, Los Tacos Los Perrones."

Norberto A.

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